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Timothy Schenke

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Letter to the Editor,
The Coast Star
February 2010

To Friends of Tim Schenke and all Teenagers

A few years ago, I bought two copies of a greeting card and saved them, thinking I may give them to one or more of my children when the time is right. I actually forgot about them and found them recently. I wish I had given this card to Tim when he was alive, but I do believe he knew how I felt. Please share with your friends:

To My Teenager... I Will Always Be There
Although we donít always see eye to eye
I just wanted you to know
that I will always be there for you when you need me...
No matter what life brings,
You will always be my child
who I love beyond measure
No amount of rebellion
could turn my face away from you
or stop my heart from loving you
I want you to have all the best life can offer
and you are so deserving of the best
My greatest wish has always been for your happiness
So as you go through these years - and I know they are hard
because Iíve been a teenager too -
remember two things:
First, know your own worth.
You are a beautiful person outside and in.
And second, know how much you are worth to me.
You are more precious than anything.
- Joanna Lucy Laird
Happy belated Valentineís Day

Lisa Schenke
Spring Lake Heights

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