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Facebook, April 20, 2010
Dislike Weed Day

Posted on my Facebook page 4/20/10. I had numerous "likes." Here is the commentary that followed the post. I also had several phone conversation and private messaging chats.


Dislike: Today, 4/20, is "weed day". I very passionately dislike marijuana because I strongly believe it is addictive. If you agree with me about "disklike" you can click the "like" button and I will know you mean dislike.

Two years ago Tim agreed to give up pot from April 21st till graduation. After his death, I was able to read some conversations he had with others stating that this was harder than he thought. On April 25th, the night before his death, he once again smoked and did something else worse for the first time in his life- cocaine. I will never know the true circumstances of everything that happened that night and am truly sorry for Tim's suffering. (Lisa)

Fact: Pot increases depression symptoms by up to 40% for those who suffer from the disease. (Lisa)

Thanks for sharing Lisa. I know it can't be easy for you, but perhaps the knowledge can help others. (friend)

been there done that scene. lost over 5 years of my life to that garbage. But praise God, He has redeemed that time!!! (friend)

Lisa, my shoulder is waiting for you tomorrow!!! (friend)

My son and my daughter told me about this yesterday--I wasn't aware that April 20th is considered weed day. I hope everyone knows about this! We are thinking about you, Andy and the boys---you are a very strong family--love ya (friend)

thanks everyone (Lisa)

Thanks to more of you- We know that there were 100+ reasons for Tim taking his life, not just because he smoked pot. And Andy and I take responsibility for some of them. However, I do feel that the single largest contributor was Tim's self-medicating for his depression or bi-polar with pot. I have read that when one becomes a habitual user, his/her coping skills freeze and can no longer develop at an age-appropriate level.

On a slightly different note- I do not think that Tim was willing to try to give it up because he wanted to get better. He had alot of scholarship money riding on a clean record. We had told Tim that he would not be attending Drexel if he was caught doing anything illegal, because without the scholarships it was too costly. Pretty much told him he wouldn't be living at home after graduation doing things we disapproved of either. If he lost his scholarships, maybe he'd have been looking at Rowan, which also had a great engineering program. Tim wanted so much to go to Drexel... I could go on and on but will stop now. Thanks so much for listening. (Lisa)

thank you for sharing Lisa it gives us all alot to look for (friend)

You're amazing Lisa, thank you so much for sharing...your information will undoubtedly pop into someone's head eventually and may help one or more of us in the future...Hope you can feel the love around you from your facebook family too! (friend)

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