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Timothy Schenke

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NHS Sponsor Essay
By Tim Schenke

Mr. John Kuriscak has been a positive role model and mentor for me throughout the past 5 years. He was my middle school math teacher at Spring Lake Heights School for grades 6-8 and my varsity basketball coach for grades 7 and 8.

As a math teacher, Mr. Kuriscak was a great educator and had a corny sense of humor. He was a devoted teacher who took the time to get to know each one of us.

Mr. K. saw the best in me, as a student and a peer helper. He encouraged me to do my best in everything that I did. He recognized my abilities and kept me challenged. Mr. K. also encouraged me to help other students which gave me pride and confidence. I have always enjoyed math, and after having Mr. K. as a teacher for three years, I realized that I want to pursue a career involving math. Mr. K. also set me up for high school by teaching math at a high level.

As a coach, Mr. K. was very demanding. Because of his dedication and strong work ethic, I developed into a better basketball player. The practices, especially the suicides, were often brutal. Mr. K pushed me to my work to my potential. Because several of us were not tall, we learned to work an outside passing game and fast break game which forced us to be in shape. When I was in 8th grade, I really wanted to become a captain. I remember giving everything I had at the tryouts and at the early practices. Mr. K. explained that he chose me as one of the captains because I was a role model for the rest of the team. I continued to work hard and set high goals for the team.

I am grateful for all of the positive reinforcement that Mr. Kuriscak has given me throughout the years. I have continued to volunteer at his summer basketball camps and look forward to sharing my future with Mr. Kuriscak.

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