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Timothy Schenke

Without Tim paperback & eBook
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The last words I ever spoke to my oldest son were "Then donít." as he walked out the door. As I worked through my grief, I became inspired to share my story of survival: How I lived through the death of my oldest son, which was a death by suicide at the age of 18.

I have chosen to express myself through two intertwined, parallel stories. The first storyline is my journey through the early years after Timís death. I faced my grief head on - dealing with events, feelings, family issues, and, what actually turned into a contagion of suicides. I focus on the positive, wherever possible, and remain open to signs and means to interpreting them. The second storyline provides glimpses into Timís life that will allow the reader to get to know and understand him. Not a biography, but a collection of events and circumstances, which portray Tim as he grew into a young adult.

I miss Tim, my scholar, athlete, sensitive child and look-alike; a complex boy who made some poor choices while remaining high-functioning as his troubles intensified. Please visit the Tim and Lisa pages to learn more about Tim and my relationship with him.

Working through my loss has expanded my perceptions and given me the strength to reach out to others. I hope to provide inspiration to parents and all individuals who are grieving, as well as to support teens and young adults who are struggling with the importance of their own self-worth.

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