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Timothy Schenke

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A+ Parent
By Tim Schenke

Anything you can do, my mom could do better! My mom is the best parent in the world. Iíll bet you my mom is better than yours is.

My mom always cares about me. One example of this caring is helping me with schoolwork. If I donít understand one of the questions, she gives me clues to get the answer. She cares about me when Iím sick. She buys me the medicine I need to become better. My mom also buys me the food that I want at the supermarket. When I am studying for a test, she helps me. If I get a question wrong, she helps me get the correct answer.

My mom is also very thoughtful inside and outside of the classroom. Outside the classroom, she is thoughtful by buying me toys or video games at the mall. She also feeds me with nutritious food when I am hungry. She is thoughtful in the classroom by calling teachers to see if I am doing well in class.

She is energetic too. She shops at the supermarket all the time. Every time I go with her, it seems like it takes her only 10 minutes because she goes so fast. She is energetic in school by going to many meetings. She is the Vice-President for the PTA. This has taught me to do things fast and to be involved.

My mom also provides me with good constructive criticism. For example, she says to shoot when I have the soccer ball near the goal. This helps me inside and outside of the classroom because she is showing me, in a nice way, how to improve.

My mom gives me unconditional love all the time. For example, she will say sorry after yelling at me. She wonít always be mad if I donít get a good grade on a test or quiz.

All in all, my mom is a very excellent A+ parent to me and probably would be to you if she were your mother.

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