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Reflections of Tim

Lisa & Tim

Iíd like to share a little information about my relationship with my first born child- my look-alike, my child who was most like me in many ways. Who had a sharper memory, Lisa or Tim? Who walked the fastest when the family was at an amusement park or a shopping mall? Who gets the inside when we laid on the couch together? These are just a few of the things Tim and I shared or bantered about. I recall Tim calling from a bathroom stall when he was a freshman in high school, before I knew how to text message, to tell me that he received the highest grade in the class on the Geometry honors midterm because he knew Iíd share the thrill. I will never forget an entry in Timís sophomore English class journal which said that his happiest day of his life was his 8th grade graduation day because his parents were so proud of him. Tim and I, well actually our entire family, had some stressful times during the last few months of Timís life. One of the last easy, carefree conversations Tim and I had was discussing which of the mansions on Ocean Avenue in Spring Lake were our favorites and why while riding in the car along the ocean.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Tim and me. I hope you found the inspirations and resources helpful. Please share this website and my future book with any of your friends who are grieving, suffering from low self-esteem, or just experiencing the daily pleasures and difficulties of the parent-child relationship. I appreciate your support.

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