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A Letter To My Children

The day I became a mother, I gained a new pair of eyes, ears and a new heart. I looked at life in a completely different light and I want my children to know that it's okay to have a bad day. Those bad days will make you strong, wise and independent. We have been giving this one life to show the world what we got. In my life I want to show my children that being a mother is the greatest gift I have ever received and I am ready to take on all the obstacles that come along with this gift.

My new pair of eyes see how my children will be faced with many choices, fears and concerns. Any choices my children make, I will stand by you and guide you. If it's the right choice, that is great! If it's the wrong choice, I will stand by you to guide you to turn your wrong into a positive action. We all make mistakes, and I want you to know that is perfectly okay. If you have any fears you have the strongest father who will protect you from anything. Of course I would too but your father is our foundation to our life. The many times I have fallen, he was always there to pick me up, to make me stronger. Any concerns you have, voice them. We will not judge you, put you down, or make you feel like you can't ever come to us. We are here for you through thick and thin, and our main concern is that you become who you are in life and on the way you feel comfortable enough to come to us for anything.

My new pair of ears are the best ears for listening. These new ears are hearing what my children will be hearing, and what they will be comprehending from their hearing. You will hear positive , negative and crazy things throughout your life. If you hear something you aren't sure about or don't like, my new ears are fully equipped to listen to you 100%. I don't want you to ever feel that we, your parents are not listening. Anything you say to us is important. You can tell us you had a great day at school. Or even something a little more serious when you get older. That you have been introduced to drugs or violence. We want to hear it all because we want to be there for you every step of the way. The good steps , the bad steps. We are here to help you and hope that with all the listening we do we then gain in return, that you will listen to our guidance and become the people we know you can be.

My new heart gained the greatest trait of them all. It learned to love unconditionally. My children are the light in my life and I will love them more and more every day. My children will learn how to love life, people and themselves because not only do they have a Mother with unconditional love for them but their father has the biggest heart of all. I want you to know that no matter what you go through in life, what you experience, what you become , our love will only get stronger.

In closing, I want my children to know that we are always proud of them, we will always support them and we will always love them. Our home may not be filled with the most expensive materialistic items, or the newest trends but it is filled the greatest love ever. I hope you will feel that love and give that love to others throughout life. At the end of the day all that matters is your foundation and the foundation your father and I have built for you is unbreakable.

With Unconditional Love ,


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